About Site Design USA


We are a group of designers and web specialists based in southerm Missouri, USA.


The web is going to be global in a few short years. There are technologies today that can make web speed increase dramatically. Packet delivery and increased capacity to name a couple will bring the websites we design for you to anyone interested in your subject, cause or product.


Maximum Benefits

To prevent your customers from leaving you and buying somewhere else (perhaps "on-line"?) you have to be at the forefront of where consumers spend their dollars. Because of this, it's important to know the maximum benefit you can expect.

What is the widest range of customers you now serve? What would a web presence add to your business? Could it serve your customer better? Would the website remove some chores from you or your employees?

Why A Website?

If you look around you'll notice the big hitters like "Wal-Mart", "Sears", "Staples", "Best Buy", "Barnes & Noble" the list goes on and on... They are not doing this because they are losing money and customers. They design websites to MAKE money.

AND they are not playing around. They WILL take money out of your pocket by giving the customers you have now what they want. CONVENIENCE! Billions of dollars are being spent every year to make websites easy to navigate and use. These website designs are helpful and make customers feel comfortable.

Get Started Now

You don't want your customers spending dollars at websites from businesses clear across the country. Make it easy for customers to find and shop at YOUR website. Take business away from the business owners who are too lazy to implement new technology and increase your bottom line. Contact us today.

Fast Loading

The total size of the home page is less than 57kb. That means it will load in under 13 seconds on a 56K connection. Under 24 seconds on a 28.8K and under 5 seconds on a DSL. That's "Done" not just when you start seeing text or graphics.

Faster load times keep your audience interested. No one likes waiting. You don't. Neither do your customers. We can show you how.

Resizable text compatible

This layout is fully compatible with resizable text. Resizable text is important for web accessibility. People who are vision impaired can make the text larger so it's easier for them to read. It is becoming increasingly more important to make your website resizable text compatible because people are expecting higher levels of web accessibility. Apple have made resizing the text on a website simple with the pinch gesture on their multi-touch trackpad. So far this trackpad is only available on the MacBook Air but it will soon be rolled out to all of their systems. Is your website text-resizing compatible?